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McGowan Maternity Portrait Bonanza

Because I’m not a celebrity, and Mack and I haven’t had our names hyphenated together in the media (Chack? Melsea?), I know this probably hasn’t been the most photographed pregnancy of all time. But man, we have a lot of pictures!

We’ve really enjoyed documenting this time in our lives. Mack likes taking pictures of me, and you’ve seen some of those in the form of our 20-week sunset shoot and our “shadow and light” nude belly shoot. For a while, I thought that’d be the end of my belly posts, because I was feeling narcissistic. Then I got a bunch of emails wanting updates, so heck… narcissistic or not, I’m posting the rest!

In the last few weeks, we’ve had photoshoots done by a few colleagues. I think one of the best things about being in this industry is the great people around me. I’ve heard stories about how cut-throat photography can be in other markets, so I’m blessed to have not found that the case in DFW.

Our first portrait session was shot by the very talented Jennifer Strain, who’s family portraits you may remember from back before Christmas.

I was SO pleased with how easily Jennifer got Mack and Jack to smile and interact in front of the camera. Whereas Mack tends to shy away from the lens altogether, Jack goes Full Ham and we never get a real smile out of him. So these pictures are extra special to me, because you can see the Happy all over us!


Sometimes outtakes are my favorite.


You can’t really see my belly in this next one, but my face is fat enough that it definitely counts as a maternity shot. πŸ˜‰


These next three are Jack-centric, and amazing. Our kid is so cool.




And finally, my very favorite. Jennifer, thank you so much for capturing how happy we are!


Our other session was also done by a Jennifer… this time, Mack’s cousin who’s a wedding photog in Kansas. The pictures we got from her are all about the snuggly, and I love them!


(I know I’m a smidgen biased, but isn’t my husband SO handsome in that first one? A lucky gal am I.)





The last of the pictures are SUPER fun, but I’ll go ahead and warn you about them. The whole idea was Rock N Roll Belly Boudoir. So, there’s no nudity. In fact, I’m far more covered than I would be in a bathing suit, and showing considerably less skin than I did in the Shadow & Light session.

But in the interest of professionalism, I’ll warn you to avert your eyeballs if a preggo in a leopard print bra and jeans with an electric guitar offends you. πŸ˜‰

That said, Mack and I think they’re pretty killer, and I want to extend enormous thanks to the fabulous Sarah at Noire Belle for helping make my vision a reality. I had an absolute blast on this shoot!




The following is our very favorite:



So there we are… We’re six weeks away from D-Day, and VERY ready for her to get here. Jack’s birthday is on March 21, and pretty much directly after that, I’m going to start suggesting to my body that it’s time to start eviction procedures. πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think… as long as it isn’t, “Cover up that huge white belly, you cow.” Those aren’t allowed.

Stay tuned… wedding post coming up tomorrow!

  1. Christian F. says:

    I have been checking the blog every day to see these pics!! They are far better than I could have imagined! The family shots are so fun and happy, and I love the leapord print bra!!!!!!! You are so beautiful! Can’t wait till the little baby girl comes πŸ™‚

  2. Courtney says:

    Love Love Love!

  3. Lyndie says:

    You are one hot momma!! Rock that baby bump. These are awesome! What a beautiful family you guys are and I can’t wait to see all the millions of pictures you take of sweet Dorothy.

  4. Rachel says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL. bold. and brave. I love these shots. So in love with your zest for life. it’s evident and it’s inspiring.

  5. Meagan says:

    Holllllyyyy Geeeeez! LOVE the Rock’the’Belly shoot MORE than I can tell you! Your eyes look SO blue… and excellent choices on the theme/apparel! LOVE! I’m really happy y’all had the opportunity to have the different sessions done. And MORE happy that you posted them all on the blog! I’ve been waiting patiently!!

  6. Misty says:

    Excellent! Every shot is just excellent!!! But I especially freakin’ LOVE the rock n’ roll shoot! You’re not a cow, silly, you’s a HAWT MAMA!!! <3

  7. annie says:

    Love them all!! Glad you finally posted them… I’ve been waiting patiently… or not. πŸ™‚

  8. Nicole says:

    Those Rock N Roll Belly Boudoir shots are so cool! You definitely have some great pics of you and your family, too!!!

  9. Hilary says:

    love the creativity, love that you guys are so happy, love YOU! I can’t wait to meet Dorothy Jane πŸ™‚ Warning : I will probably talk to your belly on Saturday just like I did with Jack!!

  10. Ambo says:

    Love em Love em Love em!!!!! Family shots….I love the outtake one, Jack with the balloons and the last shot. Kansas shots- I LOVE the wheat field shot…so peaceful. And the belly boudior….I love this! I’m so happy I got to experience this with you, I have to say the 3rd shot is my absolute favorite. And I love the hair toss shot, I’m so glad that came out like you wanted. Love em!!!

  11. Liz says:

    Chelsea these pictures are beautiful!! YOu look great and I love all the bright colors!!

  12. you are gorgeous!! and your family is precious! so honored to have met you and Mack at STL!! πŸ™‚

  13. BreAnn says:

    nice! these are so so great!

  14. Amber B. says:

    I adore these rock n roll photos! Those I think were the best!

  15. Amelia Wigton says:

    Hey girl!! I’m so glad to see you are doing well. You look AMAZING pregnant!! I love it. And I absolutely LOVE your pics or shall I say skills. I come to your blog all the time. You are amazing. If I were to get married again (to John of course) I would totally save my pennies to fly you and Mack to my wedding to capture it on film!!
    I miss you and Anna! But we’re doing great here back home in Missouri. I hope you have a great birth story in a few more weeks. Congrats!!

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