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Lacy & Joe : Engagement

I would like to say ‘Tis the season for sessions to be rained out, but let’s be honest, in Texas, it could always be that season.

But in any case, we’re glad we finally avoided rain on a day we had scheduled to shoot Joe & Lacy, so we could hang out and get to know another of our wonderful Fall 2016 couples! We met the bride- and groom-to-be at their favorite little hole in the wall Mexican place… Joe might have needed a margarita to loosen up before he would be in front of the camera. It totally worked, and we had a blast shooting around La Ventana and then down in the Bishop Arts District!

Once he realized that all he really had to do was be super into his woman for an hour or so, engagement portraits weren’t as scary anymore for Joe. 😉


I loved Joe’s shirt for the second half of our session. Like, LOVED. Might have even pulled a total mom move and dug into the back of his collar to find out where he got it. #sorrynotsorry


I’d been wanting to shoot this wall for a while, and I knew I had found the right time when we walked around the corner and Lacey said “oooooh PURPLE!”


You kids are adorable. Like, seriously. And how is your wedding only 3 months away??

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