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Julian & Terisa : Engagement

I’ve known Terisa since high school, although we weren’t close. We got to be pretty tight e-friends via MySpace (ugh, that makes me feel old), and she even came to our wedding! In 2009, I photographed her on the University of Texas at Austin campus to celebrate her upcoming college graduation. Life happened, and although we kept up on social media, we lost contact in any meaningful way.

Fast forward, she’s getting MARRIED, and she called us. That fills my heart up to bursting with joy… I know that there’s no way someone’s going to hire us JUST because they knew one of us in high school, but when they do, it tells me they’ve kept up with our work, and genuinely like it. A point of pride, you’d say.

We got to meet Julian at their engagement session earlier this week in Fort Worth, and while it was warm & humid, they managed to not only look adorable together, but to truly enjoy the closeness of the evening. A McG engagement session is PDA heavy, and that didn’t bother them one bit.

We’re super excited to photograph their wedding late this fall, and I love that we get to return the wedding attendance for someone who celebrated with US 10 years ago! 🙂

Check out a few of our favorites from this session around the Botanic Gardens and Sundance Square:

Your total joy together is infectious in the best way, and we’re SO excited that you’ll be one of our last weddings of the year. We already know it’s going to be a wonderful way to wind down a busy fall season. See y’all soon!

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