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McG 2018 Year in Review : Weddings

Fun story… for some reason, this got stuck in drafts, and never actually published. Technology, right?
Oh well, better late than never.

This is always our favorite blog post of the year. A huge collection of real moments and real joy, portraits and promises, real tears and real laughter… all the things that make up a wedding day. It’s our favorite thing to capture, that story unfolding in front of us. It’s what our clients trust us to freeze for them. It’s the star we aim to lasso every time we shoot a wedding.

2018 was full of wonderful moments, and therefore, the 2018 Weddings review blog is full to the brim. There’s no way we could exhaustively post everything we loved… after all, that’s what the blog in general is for. These are the highlights, some of our very favorites. And we hope you love them, too.

As a note, we’re still booking 2019 weddings! We’ve got room to add one each month, from May through November. Maybe a few more, if they’re on Fridays or Sundays. 😉 We love the emails we’re getting from couples who are interested in using us for the weddings they’re planning, and we’d love to meet more. If you haven’t reached out, this week is an excellent time to do so.

And now, back to the point of the blog… A look back at the McG weddings of 2018:

Our first 2019 wedding is on March 10th, and we’re already SO excited…. for that wedding, AND to get rolling on another great year!



  1. Ann says:

    Holy gorgeousness. I always love this post. Of course my fave is Tahoe and my BL and Preston.

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