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McG Family Sessions 2020 : Pt 2

We’re not done shooting family sessions yet this year… we actually have one tonight, and several more between now and 2021. But I have time right now to share some favorites from our final two mini session days and a few separate sessions we’ve done, so let’s look at the pretty!

As a reminder, we’re available year round for family sessions, and usually do two weekends each in the spring and fall for mini sessions. I’ll post here when the Spring 2021 Mini Sessions are open for booking, but you can get advance notice by clicking the link below and putting your contact info in for our newsletter. Which, by the way, only goes out for this exact purpose and therefore won’t junk up your inbox.

NOW Let’s look at the pretty.

Thank you all, over and over again, for choosing us to capture each new season with your sweet families. We’re honored, and we love seeing you, and we hope you love these images as much as we do!