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There are many varied opinions about whether or not these blessedly cooler North Texas temperatures will stick around for good, but one thing is for sure… highs in the 70s multiple days in a row means the sun is setting on another wonderful summer. We’ve been lucky to have lots of great adventures, both personally […]

And the Sun Sets…

So, here’s the thing. We weren’t planning on taking another trip just a few days after our NYC adventure. In fact, NYC was supposed to be the ONLY McG trip this year. And then, it just kind of happened. You know how the world works sometimes… everything just kind of seems to line up. Our […]

McG+B CaliCation


I find that most people I ask haven’t seen the Elvis movie “Kid Galahad”. It wasn’t one of his more popular ones, but it’s my second favorite (next to Clambake, in case you were curious). It opens with Elvis riding down the road in the back of a truck, not a penny to his name, […]

This is Livin’…



Happy Friday, everyone! Tonight, we’re shooting a wedding in Austin, & tomorrow, another wedding down in Katy. Both of this weekend’s couples are fantastic, and we’re so excited to capture their beautiful events! But before we get there, we have to wrap up last weekend’s mini sessions. The response to all these photographs has been […]

McG Spring 2013 Celebration Sessions : Part 3

A couple weeks ago, we were supposed to shoot a wedding that was being designed by one of our favorite frequent collaborators : Meagan, of megBdesign. But when the wedding got postponed by a month, we found ourselves with a free weekend, and a hankerin’ to do something out of the ordinary. So we packed […]

McG + B Campstravaganza


Our trip to Canada was kind of a whirlwind, but y’all know us… we don’t need much time to turn a working trip into an adventure. 🙂 We flew into Seattle late Friday afternoon drove up to Vancouver that night. My major regret is that Mack didn’t get to see much of Seattle at all. […]

McG Does Canada!