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We didn’t take as many mini sessions this year as we have in the past, but don’t worry. We’ll hit it again full speed next year. Both of our days this season were beautiful… one before everything greened up, and one after. Texas shows off in all seasons. These are just a couple from the […]

Spring 2022 Mini Sessions

I only shoot a few newborn sessions a year, but when I do, I soak in the snuggles. I can’t do some of the amazing intricate things my newborn photographer friends can do… that’s just not my gift. But I CAN capture moments that will remind these families of that first week. When everyone’s getting […]

Wells Brooke


“Day After” session…. or three weeks later session, whatever. When we knew we’d be back in Kentucky so soon, it was no stretch to figure out we needed more time with Brittany & Melissa. Dinner & drinks was fun too, but we’re SO glad we got to augment their wedding collection with some beautiful natural […]

Brittany & Melissa : Bridal



We’ve had a lot of pregnant mamas around here lately, and we’re not upset about it at ALL. We love the chance to catch up with our McG wedding couples, and make new friends, in such an exciting period of life. Trish & Seth have become our good friends since their wedding, and a move […]

Trish & Seth : Maternity

It’s an extra busy year for family portraits around here… our mini sessions booked solid in no time at all, and we’re nearly out of weekday session availability for the rest of the year. In a word, thank you. Now, we’ve still got 28 family sessions to go this year, but I’ll share the second […]

McG 2020 Family Sessions : Pt 1


Ashlie & Grant are dear friends of ours, and we shared tears and yays when they told us they were expecting. (ok, Ashlie & I did. The boys neither cried nor yay’d outwardly, but we’ll assume they did inside) As excited as we are to meet their little dude, I’ve been counting the daaaaaayyyys until […]

Ashlie & Grant : Maternity