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The last couple weeks have been all MINIS MINIS MINIS. I mean, we’ve had a few full sessions thrown in there too, but in general, early April was set aside for our family celebration clients. It wore us out and made us happy, got us bit by ants and slightly sunburned, sent us home with […]

Spring 2017 Mini Session Wrap-Up

We’ve gotten to be pretty great friends with Ashlee and Rachael since their wedding… well, particularly since their epic post-wedding session at Possum Kingdom Lake. And by “pretty great friends”, I mean “regular fixtures in each other’s homes, a little co-dependent… that kind of friends. We’re insanely grateful for them. Anyway, we were firming up […]

Rachael & Ashlee : Anniversary


  whoa. Every time we announce mini sessions, I say something about time flying. It did it again. We’re ready to fill up one weekend of McG mini sessions, on our family property in the country. We have about a dozen spots to fill, and will look at adding another date in the metroplex after […]

McG Spring 2017 Mini Session Dates!



This season has been a bit of a blogging fail. Or, rather, I’ve failed at blogging this season. There are lots of excuses I could use, and some of them are even valid, but in general, I can honestly say I’ve just been off my game lately. Luckily, that’s only in the sense of blogging, […]

Fall 2016 McG Minis

What happens when you take a stunning mama-to-be, a gorgeous man who’s crazy in love with her, beautiful light… and only about 1/3 of the time you had planned for the session? You give a round of encouraging high fives, and you hustle. And maaaannnnn, this time it totally worked! Jaky & Mychel took incredible […]

Jackleen & Mychel : Celebration


We photographed Brad & Amanda’s engagement session, and it was one of our favorites ever. Then we photographed their New Orleans wedding, and THAT was one of our favorites ever. And then, we photographed a “morning after” session with them running all over the French Quarter… I’ll let you guess how we felt about that […]

Brad, Amanda & Kai : Celebration