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As we were gearing up to leave the office for the better part of a month (yay for summer vacation!), I realized I had yet to share the “Behind the Scenes” gems from the first half of our 2015 work year. These images aren’t really informative, they don’t serve any purpose, and they’re only flattering […]

Behind the Scenes : First Half 2015

People have asked this story, so I’m telling it. It’s a little graphic, it won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t read it. But people are naturally curious, so I’m sharing. One week ago today, at 11 a.m., was the scariest moment I’ve ever experienced as a parent. As a HUMAN, really. Our border collie, […]



Warning! Warning! This is a PERSONAL blog post! This is SUCH a personal post. This is a big, smiley, cheesy, look straight at the camera, tourist-trap, OMG we had a blast, PERSONAL post. It will NOT offend us if you don’t look at it. But enough of you (including, like, my grandparents… hi guys!) want […]

McG Takes Disneyworld



A lot of things have been different this year. We’ve decided that’s a good thing. A little differentness… both physically, with our home renovation, and emotionally, with some important relationships growing & changing… differentness can be good. It can be cathartic. It can propel you forward. Our entire family is going to be able to […]

Merry Christmas from the McGs

These behind the scenes posts are always interesting to build. I’m reminded of places we’ve been, fun people we’ve photographed, crazy situations we’ve gotten ourselves into. But this one was particularly interesting to put together because of the physical changes we’ve undergone in the last 6 months. Since July 5th, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, […]

McG Behind The Scenes : Second Half 2014


You picked up a camera because you saw something worth saving… something fleeting. Something you didn’t trust your memory to hold accurately. You saw the way light danced on grass in the afternoon, or the way dew sparkled in the morning, or the way the sun played hide-and-seek behind evening clouds, and in that, you […]

Seeing Art