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Last weekend, we traded Texas heat for mountain breezes as we traveled to photograph Jess & Ashley’s wedding day in Taos, NM. The intimate celebration was held at Hacienda del Sol, right at the foot of the mountain, and a summer storm cleared off just in time for the outdoor ceremony. These ladies were so […]

Jess & Ashley : Wedding

Jess & Ashley both fell in love with the same location for bridal portraits and… hey, why choose? It was kind of awesome to have to stretch our creative muscles and make sure that two bridal sessions photographed in the same season in a small location looked totally different, and I’m proud to say I […]

Jess & Ashley : Bridal


I’ve known Kayleigh for 10 years… probably a little longer, actually. Her father, the amazing & now heaven-side Bud Jones, was a super important mentor for me when I started my career is a journalist. Kayleigh is the only female roommate I’ve ever had… and I’ll tell you, we got along MUCH better when we […]

Kayleigh & Jann : Wedding



We had SUCH a fantastic time with Chelsea & Aaron and their fantastic families in Vegas last week. It was clear that this wedding turned out exactly like they wanted… laid back, fun, and a true CELEBRATION of the life these two have built together. We were so honored to be able to capture it […]

Chelsea & Aaron : Wedding

When we got home from Tuesday’s engagement session, our contractor was packing up to leave our house for the night. He said, “Who’d you shoot tonight?” I replied, “Actually, my high school boyfriend and his fiance!” Our contractor made a face and said, “Oh, WEIRD.” And Mack laughed, immediately saying, “Nope… AWESOME.” Because it was. […]

Chris & Jessica : Engagement


Brad and Amanda booked us in 2012 for their wedding. That’s right… 2012. Why? Because, at that time, they knew precisely three things about their wedding. 1) They wanted to marry each other. More than anything in the world. 2) They wanted to get married in New Orleans. 3) They wanted us to shoot it. […]

Brad & Amanda : Wedding