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Yesterday’s blog post was all about Jon & Anna… the sweet couple getting ready, seeing each other for the first time, and lovin’ on each other all over Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. Today, well, there are absolutely more pictures of Jon & Anna. 🙂 But more than that, these images include those people that […]

Jon & Anna : Vancouver Wedding Pt. 2

The morning of Jon & Anna’s wedding in Vancouver, B.C. dawned clear and bright and… wait. WHAT?!?!? A wedding the last weekend of October in VANCOUVER was clear and bright? Yeah, that’s right, people. There was 100% chance of rain every day for a two week stretch, but on the morning of Anna & Jon’s […]

Jon & Anna : Vancouver Wedding Pt. 1


As if their wedding day wasn’t full of enough gorgeousness, we met up with Pam & Mike again on our last night in Aruba for some beach-perfect Bride & Groom portraits. Sunset comes hard & fast in Aruba, but we worked fast and captured some images that I know our couple will cherish as they […]

Pam & Mike : Aruba Bride & Groom



Pam will tell you without hesitation that she & Mike planned their wedding in Aruba for 930-something days. Between having a baby, graduating from nursing school, and LIFE, they had plenty on their plates… but this wedding was never far from their minds. Pam is, hands down, the most prepared bride we’ve ever had. She […]

Pam & Mike : Aruba Wedding

  We’ve been in Aruba 36 hours now, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s this… The Island Nation of Aruba wants to kill me, and it’s awesome. Between spiky plants and charging lizards and off-off-off-roading the roughest trail I’ve ever seen and jumping into natural pools next to choppy seas, well, the trip has […]

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