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Amy is one of those McG brides that really make us feel like rock stars… she contacted us before the date was picked, before the venue, before the ring was even all the way on the finger! She made it clear that her dream wedding wouldn’t be complete unless we were there, and we just […]

Amy & Jeremia : Engagement

We met Kaitlyn & Cameron (and their precious son Owen) at Hannah & Eric’s frigid 2012 wedding. Even though it was a cold, wet, windy day, this couple kept their party hats on for their friends. They were encouraging and helpful and happy all day long, and did whatever they could to make sure their […]

Kaitlyn & Cameron : Engagement


Even with bright gorgeous weather surrounding it on every side, the day we shot Stefanie & Todd’s engagement session at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens was just gray gray gray. It rained a lot in the morning, and there was no break in the clouds. But you know what? This was the PERFECT couple to […]

Stefanie & Todd : Engagement



Vanessa & Ben planned the perfect fall engagement session for the first week of November, knowing that October weather can be kind of hit-or-miss. And, well, it’s Texas. So the day rolled around, and it was actually 90 degrees! So crazy. This gorgeous couple totally rocked through it, though, and Vanessa managed not to sweat […]

Vanessa & Ben : Engagement

It’s been on our wish list for a while to photograph a proposal, and we can’t think of a better couple for this McG First than Madlyn & Willum. It was really an honor that we were invited to this precious couple’s housewarming party just as friends… no camera expectations at all. But then when […]

Willum & Madlyn : Proposal