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We got to celebrate our first wedding of 2017 in the Crescent City, as Andrew & Ana official became Mr. & Mrs. Hutchens. Their families were both SO sweet, and watching so many people see the city with new eyes was really cool. This couple is so laid back, so genuinely just happy to be […]

Andrew & Ana : Wedding

We originally planned to do a sunrise Bride & Groom session after Brittny & Jonny’s New Orleans wedding, but last-minute decided to do an evening session with a little more of that busy French Quarter energy. This is SO “them” to an absolute T! Oh man… now I maybe need a date night portrait session in […]

Brittny & Jonny : Day After


After Brittny’s first email to me, we were pretty much besties. She’s an oversharer, I’m an oversharer, we are both in love with creative wonderful long-suffering bearded men who just shake their heads and said, “Yep, that’s my girl”. So the first time the four of us met, it was pretty much resoundingly decided that […]

Brittny & Jonny : Wedding



Brad and Amanda booked us in 2012 for their wedding. That’s right… 2012. Why? Because, at that time, they knew precisely three things about their wedding. 1) They wanted to marry each other. More than anything in the world. 2) They wanted to get married in New Orleans. 3) They wanted us to shoot it. […]

Brad & Amanda : Wedding