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Keith & Bailey : Wedding Pt. 1

Keith & Bailey were married last weekend in College Station, TX. Their ceremony was held at their home church, St. Thomas Aquinas. In the last several years, Mack and I have had heard all sorts of wedding sermons… some solemn and traditional, some heart-warming and personal, and others completely quirky and off the wall. But in all of those, I think Bailey & Keith’s ceremony will continue to stand out in my mind for a long time. Although it was a traditional full Catholic Mass, it was so personal and beautiful. From the songs that were sung to the words that were said by their incredible priest, Father Michael, the entire hour was about driving home what a BIG DEAL marriage really is.

I mean, that sounds silly, right? That we’d have to be reminded that marriage is a big deal? But sometimes, we need that. Even if we’ve been married a long time. That it’s not the party or the flowers that matter, really. It’s the commitment. That’s what the day is about. I know that this wonderful couple was paying very close attention during their ceremony, and I’m glad. If they never lose sight of those words of wisdom and the promises they’ve made, then what’s ahead of them is a lifetime of love.

Today, I’m sharing some “getting ready” moments and our favorite images from the ceremony. Enjoy!

Bailey was SO excited when it was finally time to put on her dress. This girl had an astounding amount of energy, and she was ready to RUN down the aisle and see the love of her life!

Keith sent his bride gifts throughout the wedding day… flowers, a book, and a card that made everyone in the room cry. Such a wonderful man!

Bailey just couldn’t handle not talking to her groom before the ceremony, so they compromised and had a little conversation around this door in front of the church. It’s amazing how the voice of the man you love is sometimes the ONLY thing that will calm your spirit!

… well, the voice of the man you love, and also a shot of tequila with your best girls. 🙂

A quiet moment before the long walk…

Mr. & Mrs. Stein!

Don’t you dare miss tomorrow’s post… lots of pretties from Bailey & Keith’s portraits, as well as all our favorite moments from their incredible reception will hit the blog bright & early!

  1. Bailey says:

    So we woke up in Puerto Vallarta and the blog wasn’t working. I was so sad but we checked one more time before the beach. SO GLAD WE DID!!! I love the pictures. My favorite is the close up of us saying the “I do’s” with Father Michael. I also love the door pictures! Y’all are amazing!

  2. Julie says:

    The black and white where they are on each side of the door is beautiful!!!!!!!

  3. Joanna Stein says:

    Now…I understand why Bailey insisted on this photographer. LOL The pictures are wonderful! Thank you

  4. Kendall says:

    These are lovely. The image of the Bailey after reading the card is so sweet! And “I love your guts” is awesome! 🙂 But mostly, as a girl who drank right from the bottle on my wedding day, high five on those Tequila shots 😉

  5. Kevin says:

    Gotta love tequila shots prior to the ceremony!

  6. Patricia "MawMaw" Stein says:

    I have the most beautiful/handsome grandchildren and they pick the most beautiful/handsome partners–these pictures prove my words and they are outstanding. I love you Bailey & Keith!

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