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Emily & Zac : Engagement

These days, it’s pretty rare that our first meeting with a bride & groom happens at their engagement session… maybe once or twice a year. But whenever it does happen, we’re always a little nervous. It was no different last week when we were set to meet up with Emily & Zac for the very first time.

See, this couple are both serving our country in the military… Emily in the Navy, and Zac in the Marines. And when Emily booked McGowan Images for their October wedding, she did so via phone from Afghanistan! So while I’d seen a few Facebook pictures (mostly in sunglasses and full military gear) that gave me a little idea of what to expect, I really wasn’t sure how these American heroes would be as a romantic couple.

Turns out, they’re kind of exactly like Mack and I. They’re hilarious (well, *I* think we’re pretty hilarious). They pick on each other. They start spontaneous tickle fights. They laugh until they hurt. They’re genuinely excited just to be in one another’s company. Oh… and they’re SUPER great looking (although that’s where the comparison to Mack and I falls off a little bit 😉 ). All told, over the course of a couple hours, we figured out that Emily & Zac are pretty much wonderful to be around, and we are all SORTS of excited for their wedding this fall!

We photographed this session around the Fort Worth Stockyards, and started by the creek where they let their sweet girl Dolce out of the car for a little romp. She’s one of the most fun pups we’ve ever shot!

Isn’t Emily gorgeous?? She reminds me of Charlize Theron. Zac, you’re not so bad yourself, but I’m sorry I don’t have a celebrity look-alike for you. 🙂

This next image is just pure HAPPY to me. 🙂

You guys are SO much fun. We’re looking forward to seeing you again! 🙂

  1. Cheron says:

    Completely gorgeous!! You guys have definitely caught how in love they are. Love you Em!!

  2. Emily says:

    They look fantastic!! Thank you so much Chelsea and Mack! It was such a blast….we can hardly wait to work with y’all again!

  3. Nicole says:

    I see several that need to be on a canvas right this second!!! Beautiful work!

  4. Amy says:

    As usual, these are great! She even looks like Elizabeth Berkley in several shots. Good work bringing out the celeb look-alike in your clients!

  5. Jennie says:

    They made me smile! Emily you look better than I have ever seen you. Lots of love to you both dr. jen

  6. Mom says:

    WOWSERS. These are terrific. Great subjects to shoot – and kudos to you Chelsea and Mark for using your gifts. The lense captured the mood, the love and the joy!!!

  7. Dad says:

    Beautiful shots and congratulations on capturing the essence of both of them. Maybe he is just a bit too close in a couple – that’s just the girl Dad’s perspective!

  8. BreAnn says:

    You guys blow me away. These are all so great! Love them!

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