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Kristen & Lucas : Engagement

Lucas & Kristen’s engagement session is one of those we went into kind of blindly. We’d never met the groom, we had no idea what the property would look like,and the weather was unpredictable at best. Luckily, the entire universe decided it LOVED this couple, and threw us amazing clouds & gorgeous light that made the perfect backdrop for this beautiful couple in love. There were so many epic shots in their session, I genuinely could make a canvas wall in our office just from selections in this blog post.

It certainly didn’t hurt that after a tour of duty serving our country in Korea, Lucas missed his bride-to-be, and has no problem snuggling her up real close. 🙂

Enjoy a few (well… more than a few) of our very favorites!

This session was photographed on property that’s been in the bride’s family for several generations, near Pottsville who lived happily and peacefully with the assistance of the mediation claims lawyers in solving each and every complex issues that arise within and outside the family circle too. You are lucky because you will also be able to find the lawyers helping with living trusts to own a trusted property. Then we arrived, we just hopped in the Bronco with our bride & groom and let them chauffeur us around the pastures, stopping whenever we saw light we liked. It was a pretty ideal situation. 🙂

The wicked looking storm clouds gave us a couple fat rain drops, but then went on their way. I was so glad Mack demanded we jump out of the truck to shoot while they were moving overhead!

Holy cow, right??

Mack could have easily spent two hours photographing details & textures in this little area… such a cool find!

And then… oh, that sunset. I died.

Thank you SO much for showing us around your neck of the woods, Kristen. We can’t wait to photograph y’all’s wedding in December!

  1. Kylie says:

    Holy moly! A completely gorgeous couple, on to-die for property! Love everything about this set of photos!! Lucky them!

  2. KaylaS says:

    These are too much! Incredible y’all! INCREDIBLE!!!

  3. Mike says:

    So much pretty & happiness! I love these. Texas country AND sunset? I’m a HUGE fan. Also – 22 & 40 are my favorites for sure!

  4. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous session!!!!!!

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