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Leslie & Ryan : Wedding Pt. 1

Leslie & Ryan were married last Saturday at the Oak Water Ranch in Granbury, and from start to finish, the day was an absolute delight. Every interaction we had with the bride & groom was happy & relaxed, and every single guest seemed thrilled to celebrate their union. Add those amazing attitudes to the perfect weather, and well, you have the kind of wedding day every professional dreams of working.

Every detail was perfectly executed by HeidiBeth of Something Blue weddings, who put together an amazing team of vendors for the bride & groom. We were honored to work with such outstanding professionals, and we’ll be linking to them throughout this blog post so they get the credit the deserve for this outstanding event.

Ok, you’ve heard me gush enough now. We’ve got TWO days worth of blogs coming from this wedding, so we might as well get right to the pictures! 🙂

Leslie didn’t want to choose “wedding colors” in the traditional sense, and instead opted for a simple palette of favorite fall shades. Lily Blossom Floral provided so many gorgeous pieces!

A little alma mater flair under that white gown…

The bride & groom shared an emotional few moments together before the busy-ness set in…

The bridal party and house party all looked SO fabulous, and you just can’t go wrong wearing boots to a country wedding. 🙂

And before we knew it, it was show time!! Leslie’s fur baby Lily joined the mother of the bride for the walk down the aisle…

Mr. & Mrs. Martin!!

SO. Much. PRETTY!!

Congratulations, you two! 🙂

Blogstalkers, that’s obviously not where our night ended. Come back tomorrow to see even MORE gorgeous portraits, followed by a beautiful reception!

  1. Dawn says:

    OMG, that sunlight! To die for!

  2. Sarah Martin says:

    Gorgeous! Your pictures definitely captured their love for one another!

  3. megB says:

    SUCH a beautiful wedding. It’s funny how you can see, just by the photos, how relaxed and happy and well-executed this day was. Kudos to an amazing vendor team!

  4. HeidiBeth says:

    They are GORGEOUS!!! I love me some McG! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Can I have you every wedding?… Ok I will share with MegB… She had you first! Lol!
    Can’t for more prettiness tomorrow!

  5. Leslie Lukens Martin says:

    We are beyond ecstatic with these photos! The image of me wiping the tear from Ryan’s cheek brought a tear to MY eye just seeing it. Wow! It seems you’ve captured every emotion we felt on that incredible day….and there’s still more photos coming tomorrow! Thank you times infinity for giving us amazing images–the only “thing” we can really keep to truly remind us of our wedding day!

    P.S. Aruba must have the slowest internet on the entire planet….but seeing these photos was well worth the wait/frustration!

  6. JoAnn Martin says:

    Wow, the photos are beautiful. You captured the emotions so well!

  7. Jill Nichols says:

    Beautiful! My Dad, Mark Cockerham, recently did a lot of woodwork out there, including rebuilding the wagon in the pics!

  8. Rosie Wilkerson says:

    These are so so beautiful!

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