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Chris & Cie : Engagement

Even though we were in the Palo Duro Canyon on family vacation, I knew we’d be bummed if we didn’t get to use that gorgeous background to create some portraits. So when we realized that one of our late summer wedding couples was going to be in the area the same time that we were, we didn’t let that opportunity go to waste! They were such great sports about the hiking and a few bug bites… not to mention our kiddos tagging along. But we hope these incredible images make the rather unorthodox experience TOTALLY worth it. 🙂

Here are some of our very favorites!


This scenery… swoon!


That last little bit of sunlight in a summer day is always so romantic!


Fun fact: The dry cracked earth that Chris & Cie are laying on here turned into a several-feet-deep pond just about 6 hours later when a MONSTER storm hit the canyon. So I’m glad we got this shot when we did!


Picking a favorite would be nearly impossible, but this next image might be it for me…


You. Guys!! Thank you so much for making the drive, and dealing with bug bites and heat and rolling thunder in the distance to have us make this magic for you. We’re so excited that it’s only a couple weeks before we get to see y’all again!

  1. Cie White says:

    Chelsea and Mack, I cannot express the love I have for what you have done with your talents!!! I was so nervous and you both made it so easy to relax and have Chris and I focus on each other!!! I love these photos and am so grateful you let us meet you in Palo and borrow part of your family vacation! Thank you so very very much!

  2. M-Dawg says:

    Oh wow…this whole post is magical, but you really pulled out all the stops with those last four stunning pics. WOW!!!

  3. Allison says:

    These are absolutely breathtaking. I don’t know how it’s possible but I am even more excited for September 4 now!!! You guys have a serious gift.

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