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Jeremy & Victoria : Engagement

I met Victoria several years ago through Girls on Film, and have just been WAITING for her to get married ever since. We hit it off immediately… she’s so much fun, so vibrant… I wanted awesome things for her (and, obviously, I wanted to photograph those awesome things). Fast forward to this year, and she’s finally engaged to an amazing man, and we’re having a blast getting ready for their Spring 2015 wedding!

This was yet another engagement session where we had a major threat of storms, but we decided we were going to go for it no matter what. That positive thinking paid off with beautiful light, and not a single drop of rain during our session. Enjoy LOTS of our favorites of Victoria & Jeremy!


I try not to use this truck very often because I don’t ever want it to get overdone… but man, when it’s right, it’s RIGHT.


The second half of the session is when we all collectively decided to go ahead and bring on the EPIC.


Congratulations, you crazy kids! We can’t WAIT to party more with you in March! 🙂

  1. Victoria says:

    EKKKK!!!! I am so beyond excited I don’t even know how to describe it! These photos are beyond what I expeceted. They’re totally rockin’!!!! I am SO happy I chose you guys to take our pictures, I just knew that I could trust you guys to capture us perfectly and give me images I’ll adore forever!!!


  2. Erica says:

    AAAAHHHH! I love this!! What a gorgeous couple! You guys did a fabulous job of capturing “epic” photos! I am in love with the photo of them on a hill with all the brush beside them and the gorgeous cloudy sky!!

  3. Tiffany Overton says:

    Hands down favorites- big tree and skyline. Those would make AWESOME canvases!!

  4. Jodi Hoffman says:

    I absolutely love each picture!!! You are such a beautiful couple and I love you both!!! We already consider you family Victoria, but we cant wait to make it official!!!

  5. megB says:

    SO impressed with this session! I would NEVER be able to pick a canvas for a favorite!!

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