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Casey : Bridals

Casey’s bridal session got rained out a record number of times. It seems like no matter what the 10 day forecast was, her bridal session was going to bring dark clouds and angry sidewise rain. Heck, even just the day before we finally photographed this beauty, it rained cats & dogs.

Luckily, this early June session ended up with completely perfect weather. It wasn’t even as hot as we were expecting, which is always a nice bonus when you’re tromping around a park in a hundred pounds of dress. 😉 With a super fun mom, a great attitude, and hair/makeup by our fave MegB, Casey totally rocked her bridal session, and we’re glad she’s finally hitched so we can show these portraits off!


That big blue sky… it’s my favorite thing about summer!


So soft and beautiful! Casey’s taller than me so I had to stand on a rock for these images, but man, totally worth that core workout balancing on one leg. 🙂


Whenever I get the chance, I love to take my bride’s hair down at the end of her session and get some images that are just a little wilder. Without fail, they end up being my favorites… guess my gypsy spirit just kind of influences everything we shoot!


Perfection. Casey, you’re a knockout! Thank you so much for being game for anything I threw at you. 🙂

  1. Casey Steward says:

    I love them so very much! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. These are amazing and I can’t wait to hang them up in my house 🙂 You guys are so creative and work so well together it is unreal. Love you guys!

  2. Kathy Hart says:

    I’m a bawling mess–these are GORGEOUS!!!! Even though I was there and saw the actual “taking” of the photos….these turned out beautifully!!

    Chelsea and Mack, you work so well together. You are so very friendly, personable, professional, focused, fun-loving, talented and not afraid to take chances!

    Thank you, thank you for using your magic in taking these bridal photos and all the wedding ceremony and reception shots to come! Can’t wait to see those, which will entail a whole new box of tissues!!!!

    Again, let me just say…waaaaaahhhhh!!!

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