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Casey & Devin : Wedding Pt. 2

As the illustrious R. Kelly would say, “It’s the freakin’ Weekend!” Sometimes, Friday is as good a reason as any to take a day off and party like it’s summer 2004… I mean, especially since we work on Saturdays. 😉

Anyway, we’re blogging today all about LAST weekend’s party… Casey & Devin’s OW Ranch wedding! With excellent coordination by HeidiBeth with Granbury Wedding Connection, and an absolutely killer dance mix spun by Jason Esquire, we had a blast photographing this event. If you didn’t see their First Sight and ceremony in yesterday’s post, keep scrolling on down when you’re done…. the whole day was really quite gorgeous!

We’ll pick up where we left off yesterday, just minutes after Casey & Devin became Mr. & Mrs. Steward!


Yup, they got in that boat. Without an oar! No one has ever used this amazing little find at the OW Ranch, but you can bet McG isn’t scared… especially when our clients agree that risk = reward! 🙂


The newlyweds spun each other all over the dance floor and had an absolute blast with it… no 8th grade slow dancing here!


This crowd kept the dance floor packed all night long, and DJ Jason beat mixed an amazing playlist. It was hard not to dance WHILE we were working!


Congratulations, you guys! Your wedding day was a breath of fresh cool air in a busy hot month, and we enjoyed every second of it. We hope we’ll get to photograph more special moments for your sweet family in the future!

  1. Casey Steward says:

    Absolutely! We have found our lifelong photographers. These pictures are perfect. I can’t tell you how many compliments we got from everyone before any photos were even seen. Just seeing the way yall work together is amazing. And now, I just don’t know how I’m going to pick photos! Thanks for the endless options and capturing the moments we’ll cherish forever from our most special day!

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