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Chris & Cie : Wedding

When it was raining in San Angelo last Saturday morning, Cie started to hyperventilate. The cloudy skies and cooler temperatures were welcome, of course, but rain? That would put a SERIOUS kink in their outdoor wedding plans.

Luckily, when everyone told this bride & groom that the rain showers were just getting out of the way early so the nighttime would be gorgeous, they were RIGHT. It wasn’t NEAR as hot as anticipated, and light cloud cover diffused the August sunlight into a golden glow. Christoval Winery was decked out in it’s best French Countryside decor, and start to finish, the whole day proceeded as “best case scenario”.

I love that Chris & Cie kept finding new ways to surprise each other all day long. From Chris’s beloved dog unexpectedly leading the bride down the aisle, to Cie’s brother flown in from two thousand miles away without the bride’s knowledge… they were truly spending the entire day looking for ways to make sure they gave each other the “Best Day Ever.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say they succeeded. 🙂

Enjoy our favorite images of the day!


Aren’t Cie’s reception shoes just the COOLEST? Seriously. Might be my favorite wedding shoes of the year. So different & awesome.


I don’t think ANY of us could keep the tears from falling when Cie’s dad came to fetch her for the walk down the aisle. Such an amazing reaction!


Gretchen. Cutest Flower Girl EVER.


Mr. & Mrs. Russell!


Normally, we’re pretty hardcore about giving our couples 5-10 minutes after the ceremony to just love on each other and soak in the moment. But Cie didn’t know yet that her brother, who wasn’t expected to be able to attend, had flown in just a few hours before from Washington State. When they saw each other for the first time in years, it was heart-breakingly wonderful.


Such a great looking wedding party!


Although thick clouds brought twilight on us much earlier than anticipated, we still had plenty of time to roam around the vineyard during cocktail hour and capture some gorgeous portraits of the new husband & wife.



Congratulations, Chris & Cie! We loved getting to spend this beautiful day with you, and we are so glad it turned out to be everything you dreamed it would. Enjoy that beach honeymoon… you deserve the rest!

  1. Erica says:

    These are absolutely breathtaking!!

  2. Victoria says:

    Don’t mind me, i’m just blubbering over these amazing images. Her dads reaction is TOP NOTCH. I was losing control of holding my tears in and then I saw the photo of the bride with her brother. BEAUTIFUL. She is absolutely gourgeous!! Love these images!!! I felt like i was there crashing the wedding!


  3. Cie Russell says:

    Chelsea and Mack,

    Life has finally slowed down and I can finally comment on these amazing photos. No worries though they have been shown off to all those who will look. I am in love with them all and could not have imagined them being any more amazing. There are no words or amounts of thank you that could ever begin to express how much I appreciate these memories you have captured and how you captured the exact feel of my wedding. Perfection isn’t near the best word to describe these beautiful pieces of work but that is the best I could think of. Thank you both so much!!! We just absolutely love you guys!!

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