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Kylie & Ty : Wedding Pt. 1

I tell my brides all the time to ignore the 10 day forecast for their wedding date, and Kylie’s wedding is a perfect example of why. So much gloom & doom in that forecast! There were going to be storms, wind, hail, probably the apocalypse. Instead, we all breathed deeply and remembered that this is TEXAS. The forecast can change, good or bad, in an instant. Plus, Mack and I have been known to rock a rainy day wedding, so that wouldn’t have been the end of the world. 🙂

But what we got were huge open expanses of brilliant blue sky, soft gorgeous autumn light, and enough green on the trees to keep everything looking lush. I’m hard pressed to think of a lovelier day we’ve ever seen at the N at Hard Way… so perfect for a bride who’s coordinated so many weddings there herself! Kylie & Ty worked really closely with us to make sure their wedding day schedule gave plenty of time for us to create some serious magic for them, and we’re so grateful… that trust & room in the schedule is absolutely what makes the difference between “good wedding photos” and “art”. We can work in a time crunch, but man, it’s nice when we don’t have to!

I had too many favorites to blog this wedding only in one part, so stay tuned for the second half tomorrow. For now, let’s start with the “getting ready” part of the day!


Everything starts to feel REAL when you put that dress on…


The sweetest First Sight under the live oak trees…


And in case you’ve ever wondered about the reaction to opening a Girls on Film album…


I swooned over these bridesmaid dresses. So perfect for this event!


The old saying goes that if you want to see what a woman will look like in 20 years, look at her mother… if that’s the case, Ty has several decades of GORGEOUSNESS still left ahead of him. 🙂


And just like that, they’re Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a few more sunset portraits and an EPIC dance party. 🙂 See you then!

  1. ann says:

    No commnents? Seriously? Maybe because it’s so gorgeous it left everyone speechless? So much pretty my eyes hurt now.

  2. Mary Spear says:

    So creative and beautiful! A true Texas style wedding that was both elegant and relaxing in presentation. Kylie and Ty looked so happy and in love. Bravo to all involved! Bravo to McGown Images for such unique photos! Can’t wait to see part two. God bless Ty and Kylie!!!!!

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