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Jess & Ashley : Engagement

We officially booked Jess & Ashley’s New Mexico wedding a couple months ago, but didn’t get the chance to hug their necks until last week. Yeah, we’re huggers… be prepared for that, if you decide to hire us. 😉

These two lovely ladies and their daughter Deklyn came out to see us for a little sunset engagement session. Unfortunately Deklyn wasn’t feeling so great, and I didn’t get to see one of her legendary smiles. But even with our time cut short, we captured some GORGEOUS images for this couple. And in just a couple months, we’ll do it again as they say their “I Do’s” at Hacienda del Sol in Taos. Rest assured, there will be lots of pretty coming from that weekend, too. 😉

Enjoy some of our favorite images from this engagement session, while I finish up the rest of the collection!

McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog01McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog02McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog03McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog04McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog05McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog06McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog07McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog08McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog09McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog10McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog11McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog12McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog13McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog14McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog15McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog16McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog17McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog18McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog19McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog20McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog21McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog22McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog23McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog24McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog25McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog26McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog27You girls are beautiful together, and SO fun, and we’re honored to be capturing a part of your journey together. Next time we’ll make sure to plan for a little less “sick kiddo” and a little more “cocktail & kitchen talk” date night. 😉

  1. Jess says:

    Agh!!! These are absolutely amazing!! I cannot wait for bridals and the wedding. So in love with all of them!!

  2. McKenna Harwell says:

    What a gorgeous couple!! So much pretty

  3. Ambo says:

    So beautiful!!! Such wonderful pictures!!!

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