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Casey & Celeste : Engagement

When we met Casey & Celeste, their wedding was right around the corner. We knew if we wanted to be able to squeeze in a little “get to know you” engagement session, we’d have to move fast. Then rain, and mud, and snow, and ice, and MAN, the weather the last few weeks has not been friendly to photographers! Luckily, it was gorgeous on Sunday evening, and now that it’s 9 days ’til these lovebirds say “I Do”, we can finally share their engagement session. 🙂


Whenever Mack says, “Wait, I’ve got something”… I know just to stand still and let him do his thing. The reflection shots he’s been creating lately are KILLER.


Sweet, easy, lovely, country. Let’s do more of it in like a week and a half, k guys?? 🙂

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