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Carrie & Robert : Wedding

I really meant to have this wedding blog post up on Friday, but… well, I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but this Texas weather has been CRAY.

Massive storms have taken down trees, wrecked our brand new fence, and flooded our yard. Our power blinks off and on, and sometimes it’s just safer to put all the hard drives in the safe and wait a day or two in the name of data safety. We’ve spent a lot of time cuddled up in our house’s “safe place”… well, me and the kids. Mack is standing on the back porch taking video of funnel clouds forming right over our house. Hey, that’s why we love him. 🙂

But it seems like all that nastiness is finally past us, hopefully. Mack and I are going to be hustling triple-time to get all these May portrait sessions rescheduled before it gets too terribly sweltering outside… wish us luck!

The first look at what is hopefully going to be a gorgeous summer actually happened last weekend. Carrie had texted, saying they moved their entire event inside because there was 100% chance of severe thunderstorms all day long. Lo and behold, in the hours leading up to the ceremony, that bad weather completely evaporated. Blue skies, warm sun, big puffy clouds, and the soaked earth breathing a sigh of relief… it was PERFECT for a sunflower-simple at-home wedding.

And really, “simple” was what Carrie wanted. She wanted us to take a documentary approach to her wedding day whenever we could, saying that table settings were only important to her if those tables had people she loved sitting at them. Her boots were only important because they were going to be on her feet as she walked down the aisle. What mattered to this bride & groom was the love that filled the house, and the celebration of a new journey together.

Now… y’all know me, and I can’t resist a good detail picture. So whenever I found myself waiting on people, I still shot them… even the boots! 😉 But I’m so glad we got to know Carrie & Robert and were able to create for them a collection that focus on the feeling of the day more than anything.

Enjoy just a look through my favorite images of the day…


And just like that… Man & Wife!


Carrie & Robert, being able to photograph your intimate celebration made us feel like part of the family. We were so honored you chose us, and we hope you are able to cherish these memories for generations to come! Congratulations, again!

  1. Carrie

    June 1st, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    GORGEOUS! I am in love with these pictures. I’m so happy we found you guys. No other photographers could possibly have captured this day as beautifully as you did. You were so accommodating, and took all of my individual needs into consideration. I so appreciate it. Even Robert loves the pictures – and he is super picky!

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