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Halley & Chris : Engagement

Halley & Chris’s engagement session was one of those that really just felt like a double date where we happened to have cameras. Only, it’s a good thing we didn’t spend too much time around other people… I’ll go ahead and admit our jokes are RARELY appropriate for mixed company. What can I say? We met these people and immediately thought, “Oh yes, you’re our kind of weirdos”.

Their beloved motorcyle and Chris’s daughter Constance joined us for the first part of the session, which took place at sunset around the “lesser used” parts of the Fort Worth Stockyards. The light was gorgeously diffused from the clouds leftover from an earlier thunderstorm, and the area is SO lush & green right now. We’re thrilled with what we shot, and glad it’s finally time to show them off!


I’m SO glad we said, “Oh wait, we’re not done, jump on that fence quick before the color is gone!” Totally worth it, right?
We definitely need a dinner date with y’all soon… We refuse to wait until March to hang out again!

  1. Halley says:

    OMG!!!! I LOVE them!! Cannot wait to share them with everyone! So glad the Stewards found y’all and were willing to share!! I would not have been happy with anyone else as our photographers!!!

  2. Casey says:

    They turned out so great. But I expect nothing less from the McG’s! 🙂 glad to share such amazing people 🙂

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