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Julie : Bridal

When your “something borrowed” is your sister’s cathedral length veil (which we got to photograph at Amy & Jon’s wedding last fall), and your dress fits like it was custom made for you, and you’ve just naturally got a supermodel’s bone structure… well, let’s just say it isn’t hard to find flattering angles when we photograph Julie.

But we pushed ourselves to play with light in new ways during this bridal session, and we were SO thrilled with the results. The bride was too, if the three bridal canvases on display at her reception are any indication. 😉

Check out some of our favorites!


Julie is standing on a ledge waaaaay above street level for the photos above. It was totally worth it.


The most beautiful bride is a HAPPY bride, and Julie was most definitely that. 🙂 Check back in soon for our favorite images from Chris & Julie’s wedding!

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