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Ronda & Brandon : Engagement

Summer 2013, the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

While waiting for the buffet restaurant to open, we struck up a conversation with a couple who had something pretty important in common with us… they get hangry. Ronda & Brandon were a blast. We ended up eating lunch with them, then going to a foam pool party, then enjoying way too many of those Majestic drinks that were somehow exactly like an alcoholic dreamsicle.

Later, when they said they were going to get photos on the beach done by the resort photographer, we balked. Noooooo, don’t do that. So we shot a little mini session for them before dinner, which was delicious.

From there, it was your standard 2010’s single serving friendship… adding each other on Facebook, liking random posts, and assuming we’d never see each other again.

That is, until about 2.5 years later when Ronda posted a “YAY! He proposed and I said yes!” photo on ye olde social media. We both liked it, of course. I mean, duh. Who doesn’t “like” engagement posts?

Fast forward about two hours, and we were working on plans to shoot an engagement session for them while we were in Denver in March, and talking about date options for a Spring 2017 wedding in Mexico.

When a genuine blizzard messed up our plans for some awesomeness on top of a mountain, we decided to switch things to just a mini session downtown, followed by dinner & bar hopping. And hey, we’ll go back to Denver later this summer, and we’ll get that full engagement session on top of a mountain. And we’ll get to hang out again, which is is my favorite part.


You guys are just so fun. We’re so glad that beach-induced hunger caused us to run into each other, because otherwise, who would show us the best Poutine and worst Paloma’s in Denver? 😉
Can’t wait to see y’all again this summer!

  1. Ronda Green says:

    We just couldn’t let go of something so awesome! You guys truly do amazing work, and we couldn’t be happier with our pictures! We are so glad we met you guys in DR and have been able to continue a friendship. We are super excited to have you not only as our photographers at our wedding but as our friends/guests! We couldn’t imagine anyone else being there to celebrate our special day 🙂 Thank you guys again, and we look forward to doing it again in the Summer!!

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