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Jenna : Bridal

Jenna brought her sweet mama with her to come see us out in the country earlier this spring. We both immediately swooned over her classic dress. MORE SLEEVES IN WEDDING DRESSES, PLEASE! Homegirl absolutely slayed it, and we only stopped photographing her because we ran out of sun.

A bit of bonus info… Jenna is the phenomenal tattoo artist who did both the piece on my right inner arm, and the half sleeve on my left art. She’s beyond talented, and I’ve got a list of other projects I want her to put on my skin. 🙂

Check out some favorites…
McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog01McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog02McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog03McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog04McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog05McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog06McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog07McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog08McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog09McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog10McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog11McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog12McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog13McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog14McGowanImages_JennaBridalBlog15GIRLFRIEND. We love you. Congratulations, sweetheart!

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