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Caitlin & Gerrod : Engagement

Caitlin & Gerrod had been engaged a grand total of three days when we shot their engagement portraits. And they’re getting married in just a couple months. And you KNOW McG is all about a whirlwind love story, y’all.

We met this super fun couple at Caitlin’s parents’ house at sunrise… we actually recognize the property, because we shot her sister Patrice’s engagement session there in 2012! C&G will actually be getting married here this fall as well, and getting to walk around with them and make location decisions based on light… pretty much ridiculously excited about this wedding!

It was hard to narrow down shots for a blog post, but here’s what happened when we threw a dart to pick favorites!


That. Light. Tho.


Mack showed me this next image, and I pretty much wanted to throw my camera into the pond. It just WINS.


You guys were SUCH a blast, and we know you’ll be even more fun when you’ve had time to wake up. 😉

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