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Katie & Michael : Engagement

Katie & Michael are so far the first couple on our 2017 roster. Someone might decide to get married before them, and we’d be cool with that… but we’re also totally fine if our year kicks off with these adorable people. They’re just so darn SWEET together, and photographing them was like breathing in young love all evening.

We shot around Cedar Hill State Park, which took a lot of flooding damage this spring. It’s so sad to see a lot of our favorite places so destroyed. But we know that nature can handle disasters, and these beautiful Texas parks will be back in perfect shape eventually!

Here’s some of our faves from wandering around with Katie & Michael…


Seriously, y’all. Sweet like a lifesaver. We’re so excited to get to photograph the rest of this journey for you!

  1. ann says:

    Just how flippin cute can one couple be? Gorgeous set. Another wedding blog I’ll be looking forward to!

  2. Jennifer says:

    When Love is real Love is Beautiful . Love you both!

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