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Stephanie & Nicole : Wedding

I’ve tried to write the text for this blog a couple times, and keep crying. If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you know it’s not really unusual for me to cry. But this one… big tears. We’ve only really had Stephanie & Nicole in our lives for 16 months or so, but it was one of those “oh good, you’re our people” situations. Those are my favorite. And these two have become favorites as well.

Last Monday, Stephanie & Nicole eloped at Mineral Wells State Park. I did the design & set up (with the floral hookup from one of our all-time favorite wedding coordinators), Mack did the ceremony (yup, he’s ordained), and we brought in the funkyfiercefabulous Chantee from Something You Makeup Artistry for a little primping. This one will always be close to my heart, and we genuinely can’t feel anything more strongly than how honored we were to be involved with this day. It was a beautiful day… but we know it’s just one of thousands of beautiful days these beautiful souls will spend together.

A little of what we saw throughout the day, with very little talking from me. It doesn’t need any…


Another thank you to HeidiBeth for her help… I might have put the flowers where they went, but they wouldn’t be near that beautiful without her. Thank you, sweet friend.


Personalization is important… classic books, along with a hammer & nails, gives a definite nod to who Stephanie & Nicole are.


A surprise first dance to “Dust to Dust” by the Civil Wars. Every couple has a song…


We love you both. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this time in your lives. You were already in this forever, but there’s something different about saying it legally. You’re one of those forever pairs, without a doubt.

  1. Stephanie Harrison says:

    We love y’all so much!! And I would say thank you but it seems ridiculously inadequate. They are stunning and perfect.

  2. Jess Poole says:

    I hate all of you for making me cry in front of my kids!!

  3. bobbileigh says:

    I don’t comment much anymore, but still check in regularly. This gave me all the feels. That first dance and then the pics by the fire, just stunning. Those ladies are both just so beautiful!

  4. Rachael Arson says:

    Absolutely stunning. Over and over again. Beautiful pictures for beautiful friends. Couldn’t love this more. But seriously. Ok I’m going to stop rambling now…

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