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BriAnne : Bridal

Happy Monday, blog friends!
We flew out bright and early (actually… dark and early) this morning for a wedding tomorrow in Riviera Maya, and THAT is why you’re not going to see gorgeousness from Saturday & Sunday’s weddings on the blog this week. And believe me, it kind of kills us, because there’s just so much fun to be seen. Thank goodness all our couples knew the deal a while back, or I’d be stressing myself to the max trying to get resort wifi to let me post something!

In the meantime, though, we can just be glad that BriAnne is finally married. I mean, yes, we’re happy for her and Ross, and the wedding was beautiful, and all that. But let’s be entirely honest… we’re mostly glad it’s bridal sharing time. 😉

We photographed these portraits a few months ago at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin on a gorgeous bright sunny day. We had so much fun we thought our faces would crack from smiling, and Bri looked like a million bucks. Probably more.

Here are a handful of our very favorites…

We’ll fly back home on Friday, shoot a wedding in North Dallas on Saturday, and get down to serious editing starting first thing Monday. So, that means FOUR new weddings worth of posts coming soon, plus a few more portrait sessions for good measure.

Thank you ALL for sticking with us when it’s crazy. We had a former bride tell us via email a few days ago, “I got so used to looking at the blog every single morning, and sometimes I still check every day just out of habit. But I’m really never disappointed, because when you DO have time to post something, it still blows me away every single time. I don’t think I’ll ever get over wanting to keep up with what y’all are doing”.

And that… that right there… is why we’ll keep sharing every chance we get.

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