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Tyler & Allie : Wedding

Allie & Tyler became Mr. & Mrs. Morgan at Dove Ridge Vineyard in Weatherford about two weeks ago. We knew we loved this couple, but it only took a couple of minutes on the job to realize everyone else does, too. These two have such amazing family & friends, and it was really cool to see how their circles came together in celebration for such a wonderful day. It was our first time shooting at this relatively new venue, and we’re already dreaming of working there more often. They clearly listened to the advice of photographers and other wedding vendors when they were designing the space, and it was beautiful to shoot.

As usual, narrowing down the wedding collection to get a blog post of our favorites was a lot harder than I wanted it to be. So, spoiler alert, I’m sharing too many. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have grown up together, and now knowing that you’ll get to wake up together for the rest of your lives. Your love story is one of our favorites… we can’t wait to watch it keep growing!

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