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A Year in Review : 2017 Details

Our couples often put a lot of time & effort into the design of their wedding days. Whether it’s a simple affair or a bling blowout, there is still care and feeling put into the way the day is going to look, and we don’t take that for granted! The “stuff” isn’t as important as the people, but that absolutely doesn’t mean the “stuff” shouldn’t have a bit of a spotlight too, right?

Tomorrow, we’ll be posting our favorite wrap-up post of the year… of EVERY year. It’s the real moments. The little freeze-frames of time that will fill in where memory fails, and tell the story when the specifics start to get blurry. It’s what we’re proudest of shooting, and proudest to share. If you look at any of our posts, make it tomorrow. (I mean, in addition to today, which you’ve obviously already seen. 😉 )

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