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Landrie & JT : Engagement

We spent a week in Marfa recently, working our faces off. Don’t worry, they’ve grown back. And it was totally worth the limited time we were without faces, because we LOVE what we captured for all our Marfa Adventure Clients!

The majority of what we photographed is for our SKINbyMcG brand, and like always, we’ve kept sneak peeks rolling out on our SKIN Instagram account (@skin_by_mcg). But the whole trip was inspired by Landrie & JT.

These two are getting married in November, and while we’ve only spent about a day with them, it’s very very clear that they were made for each other. Not in any sort of fatalistic way, or even in a fairy tale way… just in a, MAN, you are puzzle pieces for each other. It was beautiful to see and hear about, and we’re just so absolutely glad we’re getting to photograph a bit of their story.

This engagement session was photographed all around Marfa, TX… around the Lost Horse Saloon where JT had an hours-long conversation with an old cowboy… around an old neon sign that’s quintessentially Marfa and made Landrie’s heart pitter-patter. It was a beautiful sun-drenched evening in the desert of southwest Texas, and it’s beyond time we shared some of this pretty…

We love you both, and we love your love, and we’re so ready to party with you.

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