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Meredith & Chris : Engagment

We first met Meredith in 2012 at her sister Erin’s wedding, which is where we got to know the rest of the family. We already knew we loved Erin, so we weren’t at all surprised to be fans of the rest of the crew. When Meredith & Chris got engaged, they called us, and we did a fun little YIPPEE dance all over the office. That excitement only intensified once we met Chris. Let’s just wrap it up by saying we super duper dig this couple, and we’re SO looking forward to their wedding in October!

After rain reschedules plagued this engagement session to the point of suspected curses, we finally got to photograph them Meredith & Chris last week… about an hour after a thunderstorm blew through. The humidity was about nine million percent, but they were total champs, and the session came together beautifully. Check out some of our very favorites!

Y’all are cute. Plus, Mack’s excited to add another fantastic beard to our 2018 schedule. Enjoy the next couple of crazy months, y’all!


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