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Chris & Amy : Wedding

This blog post is long overdue. It’s been going on three weeks now since there’s been internet in the McG office, or even the ability for one computer to talk to another. It was supposed to be fixed the day after we flew to Philadelphia, a week after Chris & Amy’s wedding, so I saved the blog files and was prepared to post the blog remotely last week.

Yeah, obviously that didn’t happen. We flew home last night, and getting this handled was today’s first order of business. It involved driving, uploading, downloading, crying, fighting with two different browsers on three different devices… but WE HAVE ACHIEVED VICTORY.

I hatehatehatehate that it’s taken so long to get this blog post up, but there’s LOTS of pretty to help make up for it. This gorgeous couple was married at Magnolia Terrace in Frisco, wrapped in the love & support of their closest family & friends. Chris might have been our most excited groom ever… positively vibrating with anticipation before he saw his bride, and then nearly dancing with joy the rest of the day. Amy echoed his energy, smiling at him and the children all day long with a happy glow that was clearly visible.

Enough from me… here are some of our very favorite moments of the day:And hey… the kicker? Your entire wedding collection will be mailed out TODAY!

Thank you both so much for your patience. Your wedding day was an absolutely wonderful celebration for us to be a part of, and we’re so ready for you to see all the memories we were able to capture for you. Get excited!

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