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Ashley & Ike : Engagement

We’ve never really subscribed to the idea of a person “completing” another person. We’re all complete on our own. But sometimes, a really wonderful thing happens, and a person really becomes themselves… the best version of themselves… once they’re loved by another. It’s like two light bulbs that only reach full brightness when they’re plugged in together.

Ike and Ashley are these people… these lightbulbs. Seeing them together, it’s obvious that they just shine brighter because they have one another. We’ve got the feels about this one, and photographing their Colorado wedding this October is going to be a highlight of the year.

We spent an evening with these two around downtown Fort Worth, popping in and out of covered places as the rain chased us all over Sundance Square. And honestly, it was exactly perfect.

We’re just so very excited for both of you. Thank you so much for allowing us to photograph this part of your journey together.