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Dayton & Cassidy : Wedding

Cassidy & Dayton were married on April 10th at Parker Manor, a Springs Event Venue location in Weatherford. HeidiBeth with Something Blue Weddings had helped them plan a gorgeous wedding day, Vivienne & Vine flowers popped like crazy under cloudy skies, and the happy was absolutely palpable.

Even when there were tears (and there were… from the family AND from us), they were happy tears. Just thrilled to pieces to be there, “I want this so much I can’t even”, toast & cheer happy. It was a fantastic day to photograph, and is yet another example that 2019 weddings are gonna SLAY.

It’s really impossible to tell someone’s full story in a blog length, but we try. At the very least, this is an overview of Cassidy & Dayton’s beautiful wedding day!

We know you’re in no hurry to get back from your honeymoon, but we wish you all the best settling into your new life as Mr. & Mrs. Thank you so much for choosing us to capture this time for you!