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Arnulfo & Blair : Wedding

Holy West Texas Gorgeousness, Batman. Blair & I were kind of tag-team looking for venues that would fit the aesthetic she had in mind. And then… BOOM. Marathon Motel. Can’t say enough good things.

We drove in the night before the wedding, and early Saturday, we saw all the hustle & bustle for final preparations going on around us. And at the end of the night… well, at the end of OUR night… we heard the DJ playing Mexican tunes ’til 4 a.m.. And it wasn’t for one second annoying, it was just so HAPPY.

Looking through this blog post is like Death By Chocolate cake for your eyes. You’re welcome!

Yes yes yes, so much yes. We’ve had so much fun adventuring with y’all this year… we’ll definitely have to do it again for an anniversary sometime, right?
Congrats again, y’all!