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Tyler & Emili : Wedding

When Emili said, “We’re thinking this fall… whatcha got open?”, we were so glad we had ONE date we could toss out. And then even more glad that Emili said, “sold!” Basically, we’ve been photographing this family through weddings and babies and graduations for over 10 years now, and missing out on Emi’s wedding just wasn’t something we’d allow.

Our happy got even bigger once we saw… up close… HER happy. Tyler loves Emi in a way that really just brings her to life. The two of them together are a couple people can point at and say “#goals”. And their sweet hometown wedding was nothing short of lovely.

As usual, here’s just a few of our favorites!

We love all FOUR of you, stretched out to all 18ish of you. 🙂 Can’t wait to love on this new baby girl!!