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When we first tried to schedule this maternity session, Bethe was worried. After all, her original due date had us photographing these portraits in mid-June, and she just knew she’d be a sweaty mess. The first good news came when her due date was pushed forward… and the second good news came with GORGEOUS & […]

Will, Bethe, & Wrenn : Maternity

We’ve been overwhelmed in the best way by how our SKIN by McG brand has grown since the launch in February. We’ve been able to meet incredible people all over the country, and even add in a few family & romantic celebration sessions in a few of the cities we’ve visited. We spent a week […]

McG in Seattle


I’d say about half of my Facebook friends are participating in the “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving”, and I love reading every day about the things people are most grateful for. I’m doing something similar on Instagram… sharing a picture every day of something I’m grateful for. But one thing I’ve noticed, is that for a […]

Thankful for the Thorns