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McG in Seattle

We’ve been overwhelmed in the best way by how our SKIN by McG brand has grown since the launch in February. We’ve been able to meet incredible people all over the country, and even add in a few family & romantic celebration sessions in a few of the cities we’ve visited.

We spent a week in Seattle at the end of August, shooting amazing SKIN clients and beautiful families, and enjoying the fact that 90 degrees up there is an insane heat wave. 😉

A few days after we arrived, our friends Bethe & Will flew in. They were able to do some great exploring while we were shooting (Bethe’s first Pacific Northwest Experience!), and then we had a blast hiking with them for two days before we all headed back to Texas. Getting to show people my favorite places is one of my greatest joys in life, and this trip… professionally AND personally, was truly wonderful.


Okay, but before I get into more personal photos, here are a couple of the super cool cats we shot in Seattle…


The following photo is from a SKIN session. The “featured gallery” on the SKIN website is a collection of all our favorite images from these shoots in Seattle… so if you’re interested in those, you can check them out at


You can also follow @mcgowanimages and @skin_by_mcg on Instagram for daily photos and sneak peeks at what we’re doing.

But now I wanna share some personal photos… just because I like to.


The next two shots aren’t Seattle-centric or anything… just too fun to keep to myself.


Delirious from the hike, we decided a cracked rock was the perfect place to fake a Sword in the Stone moment. Because that’s the kind of ideas parents have when they’re on their own.


The only travel we have left this year is Denver… we leave on Friday. But we’re already booking 2017 SKIN sessions for Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Los Angeles area, and back up to the PNW. When we’re in a city for shooting SKIN, we’re up for other shoots too… families, couples, heck… even a wedding, if the timing works. So if you’re not in Texas but have always wanted a little McG love in your life, 2017 might be a pretty awesome 🙂

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