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Erik & Emily were married at Best Day Ever Ranch last weekend, and the happy was everywhere. We had seriously perfect wedding day weather, and family & best friends danced through all of a five hour reception. These people were dedicated to the party, and that was just so much fun to be a part […]

Erik & Emily : Wedding

We spent a nice cool Saturday with Jackson & Tori at the Sparrow Creek Ranch in Graham. Perfect fall weather, which is sometimes hard to come by even in October. Once these two saw each other for the first time, the anxiety melted off of both of them, and it was so beautiful to see. […]

Jackson & Tori : Wedding


Surprise! John & Alexis got married. Again. See, we were at a secret wedding back in March, the second day they wanted to have a wedding. First date was in June 2020. The pandemic threw everything at them, but they didn’t give up on the big party with all of their friends. So, after 6 […]

John & Alexis : Wedding



We hope y’all have all enjoyed your summer! We’re looking forward to meeting 2022 clients for weddings now that ’21 is settled… so hey, holler if you’re in the market! We’re here today to share Christiania & Gil’s Atlanta wedding. It was hot. HOT. But man, everyone brought their happy and their helpful, and the […]

Gil & Christiania : Wedding

“Day After” session…. or three weeks later session, whatever. When we knew we’d be back in Kentucky so soon, it was no stretch to figure out we needed more time with Brittany & Melissa. Dinner & drinks was fun too, but we’re SO glad we got to augment their wedding collection with some beautiful natural […]

Brittany & Melissa : Bridal


We’ll be shooting this happy couple’s wedding in Atlanta later this summer… I’m already sweating. But there was a cool intermittent drizzle when they came up to Bowling Green KY to shoot with us last weekend, and it made Bernheim Forest even more magical! Tiania and Gil have a whirlwind romance story, which is one […]

Gil & Christiania : Engagement