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We didn’t take as many mini sessions this year as we have in the past, but don’t worry. We’ll hit it again full speed next year. Both of our days this season were beautiful… one before everything greened up, and one after. Texas shows off in all seasons. These are just a couple from the […]

Spring 2022 Mini Sessions

What a whirlwind this wedding was! After they became aware of the bigoted policies of a homophobic venue, Angela & Mikel made the right choice. But that choice meant that they had one month til their wedding… and no place to have it. I made some calls, and connected with Christy at Brik Venue in […]

Mikel & Angela : Wedding


I was over the moon happy when I knew Melissa had found her forever. I’ve been friends with this sweet girl for a few years now, and watching her glow around her love is beautiful. I hope the future, and your wedding, is everything you want it to be!

Melissa & Shawn : Engagement



We love these people so very much. Their “engagement party” was secretly a wedding… April Fool’s! This small chill dinner party was a great way to spend a Friday evening, especially since the people involved were all so wonderful. Congratulations, you crazy kids.

Sid & Cassie : Wedding

I only shoot a few newborn sessions a year, but when I do, I soak in the snuggles. I can’t do some of the amazing intricate things my newborn photographer friends can do… that’s just not my gift. But I CAN capture moments that will remind these families of that first week. When everyone’s getting […]

Wells Brooke


Long time no post over here… that’s entirely my fault, I haven’t known how to write this blog post. So I’m just going to say it. I’m officially retired from photographing weddings, and Mack is retired from photography altogether. Mack had been pursued by a company for a long time, and they Godfather-style made us […]

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