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As we here in North Central Texas sweat our faces off and grown at our electric bills, it’s hard to believe that relief from the heat is coming soon. But it is… I PROMISE! (ok, well, I don’t promise. Seems like a lock, buuuuttttt…) Anyway, it’s time to book your spot for McG’s Fall 2017 […]

Book your Fall 2017 McG Mini Session spot!!

The last couple weeks have been all MINIS MINIS MINIS. I mean, we’ve had a few full sessions thrown in there too, but in general, early April was set aside for our family celebration clients. It wore us out and made us happy, got us bit by ants and slightly sunburned, sent us home with […]

Spring 2017 Mini Session Wrap-Up


This season has been a bit of a blogging fail. Or, rather, I’ve failed at blogging this season. There are lots of excuses I could use, and some of them are even valid, but in general, I can honestly say I’ve just been off my game lately. Luckily, that’s only in the sense of blogging, […]

Fall 2016 McG Minis



Senior portraits might just be the most rare kind of session to see on the McG blog… but here we are! 🙂 Kaylenn drove over 4 hours to shoot her portraits with me, and I LOVED her approach to the session. She wanted them to feel like HER. She’s never worn makeup in her life, […]

Kaylenn : Senior Celebration

Thank heavens for caffeine and favorable weather! 🙂 After the debacle that was our windy, rainy spring mini session marathon, I was so worried we were in for it again. The forecast just couldn’t make up it’s mind, and although we decided to move forward with our plan, I was thoroughly prepared to have 35 […]

McG Fall Minis : Pt. 1