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Spring 2017 Mini Session Wrap-Up

The last couple weeks have been all MINIS MINIS MINIS. I mean, we’ve had a few full sessions thrown in there too, but in general, early April was set aside for our family celebration clients. It wore us out and made us happy, got us bit by ants and slightly sunburned, sent us home with flowers picked for us by tiny people, and got us caught up with some of our favorite people who pop in every year for one of these minis. That was a long sentence. I meant it! 🙂

Rather than trying to break this up into multiple blog posts as I’ve done in the past, I’m throwing a collection of our favorite shots from ALL these sessions into one Monster Blog. Happy Scrolling… and we’ll see you in the fall!

I couldn’t help throwing that last one in… no lie, getting to snug so many babies is absolutely my favorite thing about these Celebration Sessions!!

Remember, we do these in the spring AND the fall. So if you want to be on the advance notice list for our Fall 2017 Celebration Mini Sessions, shoot an email to me at chelsea@mcgowanimages.com, or through the McGowan Images Facebook page.
Excited to see some new faces again later this year!

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