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We didn’t do birthday photos this year, of either of the kids. Sometimes, stuff just gets away from us. We did back to school photos… sort of. I mean, the kids on the front porch with their backpacks. But nothing extravagant. Having started 7th grade this year, real live junior high school, Jack has no […]

Fairy Princess

Welcome to the third Road Trip recap post. This one wraps up the last week of our trip (a little longer than that). Mack might post something for tomorrow’s blog if he feels inspired, but if not, I’m pretty sure 3 blog posts worth of adventure photos will totally work. 😉 We left off yesterday after […]

McG 2015 Road Trip Recap : Part 3


Welcome back! We left off yesterday at the end of the Disney portion of our trip… I mean, it’s just a requirement if we’re in Southern California, we can’t help it! And yes… Mack and I totally have to go even if the kids aren’t with us. 🙂 The next morning, July 24th, we hit […]

McG 2015 Road Trip Recap : Pt. 2



In case you didn’t know, we’ve been gone a lot lately. Aside from work trips to both St Petersburg, Florida and Austin, we also spent three weeks in July & August traveling around the Western part of these great United States with our amazing kiddos. I’m making a slide show to show family, an old-school […]

McG 2015 Road Trip Recap : Pt. 1

And, we’re HOME. After a solid month of traveling, with time spent in 11 states, life has finally slowed down a little. Well… I say “slowed down”. What I mean is, we’ll be in the office able to start catching up on a month’s worth of work. Oh goodness, you guys, there’s so much to […]

Back to the Real World…


There’s something fairly important you guys should probably know… WE’RE NOT HERE. Well, “here” is kind of the internet, and we’re “here” several times a day. But we’re not at home… not for nearly a month. We left on Saturday, July 18th for an EPIC three week road trip with our kids. We spent that first night […]